Who can benefit from testing?

Who can benefit from testing?

Footwear and leather processing companies

The test are primarily tailored to footwear and leather processing companies, enabling them to check the quality of input materials and finished products. This decreases the risk of customer complaints and increases the chances of market success.

Efficient management of occupational safety

For certain jobs, the legislation prescribes special protective footwear and clothing, which must comply with various standards. Failure to comply with regulations may in best case result in an administrative penalty and in worst case in death of an employee with all the accompanying difficulties and problems.

Although the manufacturers of protective footwear and clothing must manufacture the footwear in compliance with standards, the mass production carries a certain amount of risk of faults, which may however prove fatal to an individual employee. Therefore, make sure you check the footwear and clothing worn by your employees to avoid problems while there is time.

Companies manufacturing and marketing household furniture

Seating sets, chairs and other household equipment containing any kind of fabric, textile, natural or artificial leather, can be tested for strength, colour-fastness, and resistance to wear and tear.

Surely you would prefer not to see your customers return to your furniture store in a month complaining that the set they bought from you is worn out, torn or has lost its original colour.
Therefore, it is crucial to select materials of suitable quality during the initial material selection phase to fulfil the demands of the customer. Bear in mind that people buy also household furniture sets to attract other peoples' compliments.

Do not let bad quality materials used in the production mar your reputation.