Implementation of integrated R&D projects


The field of innovations is where the need to integrate expert knowledge from businesses and academic institutions is becoming increasingly important. Moreover, such cooperation projects receive active support by various ministries and EU funds through grant programmes.

To successfully apply for a project, the cooperating companies must have a clear vision of their future development, interesting developmental activities with far-reaching and long-lasting impacts, and the ability to successfully carry out the project.

At the Ircuo Technological Centre, we have already successfully finished a project from the Phare 2003 programme- Consolidation of Technology Centres: "Multipurpose high-technology protective and military footwear", through which we have proved our ability to carry out even the most demanding of projects. As a result, together with all other companies in Slovenian footwear industry, we will also stand better chances of successfully applying to projects of the Seventh Framework Programme of EU.

With joint applications for such projects we will further increase the level of cooperation within the Slovenian footwear industry and as a result also raise its innovation potential.