adhesion of upper to sole 
Dynamometerenergy absorbsion at seat region 
Dynamometerpenetration resistance of the sole 
Dynamometertearing resistance  
Dynamometerstretch resistance and elongation
Vamp flexing machine
flexing resistance of leather, material
Bally penetration machine, weight device
penetration and absorption of water
Rubber/sole abrasion machine, weight device
abrasion and density determination of rubber/sole 
Bennewart flexing machine
flexing resistance of soles
Bennewart flexing machine in cold chamber
flexing resistance of soles in cold chamber 
Water vapour permeability machine
water vapour permeability of material 
Veslic machnine
color abrasion of material
Steel/plastic toe caps testing machine
impact resistance of protective toe caps 
Electrical conductivity machine
electrical conductivity / antistatic traits of footwear
Machine for testing resistance of shoe to warm conditions
testing the rise of the temperature in the shoe, exposed to warm environment 
Machine for testing resistance of shoe to cold conditions
testing the fall of temperature in the shoe 
Martindale abrasion machine
abrasion of material structure and color 
Hot contact machine
resistance of material to hot contact 
Ross flexing machine
testing the flex resistance of rubber / material
Ross flexing machine with cold chamber
flexing resistance in cold chamber 
Stell midsole flexing machine
midsole resistance to flex 
Slip resistance machine
test the slip of the whole shoe or just the sole
Lace abrasion machine
resistance of laces to abrasion 
Climatic chamber for conditioning
Conditioning; humidity absorption, drying speed of shoe 
Xenon light test
loosing of color of material on the light  

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