Vision and mission


The vision of the Ircuo Technological Centre is to become the vehicle of development in the Slovenian leather and footwear industry, and to significantly improve its competitive position on the global market.

To become a renowned institution in the international environment through our business and technical excellence and, with time, expand our operations into other fields.


The main goal of Ircuo Technological Centre as a non-profit organisation is to increase the profitability and export competitiveness of its members - companies in the leather and footwear industry - by providing the following activities of utmost importance:

1) Maintaining the horizontal nature of actions ‚?? information and achievements of the centre will at disposal of all members of the centre,

2)Informing, prior testing, development and implementation of new technologies,

3)Integration of national programmes that are aimed at facilitating development and restructuring of leather and footwear industry,

4)Integration with the research & development organisations at home and abroad, and

5)Implementation of strategic research & development projects.